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Triple Your Fat Loss


NEWS! Carb balancing releases 3x more fat. This weight-loss discovery was the cover story for First for Women magazine!

Ed.- The following article is a reprint from First for Women magazine [January 1, 2011]. The cover story featured Robert Ferguson, his Diet-Free for Life book and two of his clients who together lost 223 pounds.

New science reveals the blood sugar “sweet spot” that results in powerful fat burning and peak metabolism – and lets women melt pounds without feeling deprived.

Sure, we all know that so-called “fast carbs” – the ones that send blood sugar soaring – like bagels, cookies and white bread will pack on the pounds. But they’re also delicious – and in the dark winter months, one of life’s few comforts. That’s why we’re excited about the latest science that suggests you can have your carbs (yes, even the “fast” ones) and burn lots of fat too!

How too many carbs can pack on fat…

Carbohydrates are essential for peak energy and brainpower since the glucose they’re converted to is the preferred form of fuel for both body and brain. “But the fast carbs women frequently turn to have high glycemic impact,” explains Robert Ferguson, author of Diet-Free for Life (Perigee, 2011). “That means they flood the bloodstream with glucose, triggering a body response that fosters fat storage.”

When blood sugar fluctuate too high or low you're in fat-storing mode!

Indeed, carbohydrates that dump a large load of glucose quickly into the bloodstream signal the pancreas to release a surge of insulin to bring glucose levels back down, notes Yunsheng Ma, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. “Insulin lowers blood sugar by sending some of that glucose to tissues for energy, and some to the liver and muscles for storage as glycogen, a lean tissue fuel,” he explains. “But the excess then gets stored as fat.” In fact, Dr. Ma’s own research revealed that women whose diets were highest in fast carbs were also the heaviest in weight. And according to a study published in the journal The Lancet, fast carbs doubled body-fat storage.

Plus, the powerful insulin surges these carbs set in motion can result in blood sugar dipping below normal levels, setting off mood dips and appetite spikes within two to three hours after eating. This fuels a cycle that makes overeating inevitable: Investigators at Children’s Hospital Boston found that subjects who ate a meal high in fast carbs increased their food intake over the next five hours by up to 81 percent.

How too few carbs can be just as bad…

Women who steer clear of carbs entirely in the hopes of burning their inner fat stores end up in another trap. “When carb-form energy is in short supply, the body will cannibalize lean muscle for fuel long before it taps into fat,” says Ferguson. In an Australian study, subjects whose carbs were kept to ultra-low levels lost an average of 32 percent of lean tissue in 12 weeks.

That’s bad news from a weight loss perspective, explains Mary Meck Higgins, R.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of nutrition at Kansas State University in Manhattan. “Lean muscle is metabolically active, calorie-burning tissue, so when it’s broken down, the body’s metabolic rate decreases,” she says. In fact, crash diets that cut carbs to extremes can send body systems into “starvation” mode – an energy-conserving state shown to slow metabolism by 40 percent. And since carb deprivation robs the body and brain of the glucose needed for peak performance, brain fatigue is a given.

The fat-burning power of combining carbs

Exciting new food-combining science reveals that striking a middle ground between carb overload and carb deprivation can yield incredible results: This strategy stimulated nearly five times the weight loss – and tripled fat loss – in a recent study in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The key: pairing carbs with “slowing” partners in deceptively simple ways that amp up metabolism and fire up fat burning so effectively, women can enjoy even fast carbs without worry.

Slow-down partner: Protein

“Protein slows glucose absorption during digestion, so it reaches the blood-stream more steadily,” explains Dr. Ma. “This means blood sugar doesn’t spike, so the pancreas doesn’t need to respond with fat-storing insulin surges.”

Other studies reveal that adding the nutrient to slimming diets can curb cravings, preserve lean muscle and double post-meal calorie burn. Proof of its botton-line benefits: In a study at Australia’s University of Sydney, women who ate protein in tandem with fast-carbs dropped twice as much fat as their carb-only counterparts.

Slow-down partner: Fiber

The fiber in foods like veggies, beans and whole grains gives them “slow carb” qualities. “Fiber slows the conversion of carbs into glucose to ensure the reliable energy supply that optimizes metabolism,” says Ferguson. “By stopping glucose from flooding the bloodstream, fiber keeps the body out of fat-storing mode.”

And while fiber has long been valued for its naturally filling nature, scientists have discovered that by doubling intestinal output of a hunger-taming hormone known as cholecystokinin, fiber exerts a newfound form of appetite control. Small wonder that slow-carb combining proved a deal breaker in a USDA diet analysis: Plans that incorporated high amounts of fiber stimulated over three times the weight loss as plans that didn’t.

Pairing fast carbs with “slowing” partners like fiber and protein and adding in regular snacks produces an even, all-day glucose profile that supplies steady energy, maximizes metabolilsm and eliminates the insulin surges proven to pack on fat..

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Robert Ferguson, MS, CN is a nationally recognized voice of weight loss, CEO of Diet Free Life, a motivational speaker, television personality, author, certified nutritionist and fitness expert who's been recognized as the "People’s Fat Loss Coach" and considered America's Diet Free Life Coach. He currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association and holds a masters in counseling psychology and certifications in fitness and performance nutrition.

Robert's hypotheses is that you can reduce your waistline and extend your lifeline eating food you love! Proof positive: Ferguson has helped thousands eat the food they love and lose staggering amounts of weight, create health and live diet-free.

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